4 Email Marketing Stats To Increase Your Sales

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4 Email Marketing Stats To Increase Your Sales

At Rapid Crush we find that one of the most effective ways to increase your Return On Investment is simply to implement email marketing best practices.

There are numerous “best practices” you can use to increase your sales and profits and I encourage you to check back on our website here for more inspirational tips and marketing strategies that will help you grow your business.

Let’s talk email marketing.  Contrary to what others may say…email marketing is not dead.  It’s thriving and evolving to today’s market demands.  The availability of software to send out mobile and desktop campaigns is continually growing and meeting today’s consumer demands.  One of the biggest demands being:

Make your emails mobile-friendly”.

A staggering statistic from Return Path is that 63% of US consumers delete emails immediately if they are not optimized for mobile.  That statistic got my attention and hope it got your attention as well.

How to get started on your strategy with this communication channel?

Paying attention to marketing statistics of what other companies are doing is a good start in setting up some goals.

This dovetails into “what is your sales funnel” because before you can even send one email out…first you must build your lists of prospects and customers.

Start building your list of potential customers (prospects) and turn them into customers by developing a relationship, giving them great value in your email communications, and then giving them good offers to convert your list of prospects into a revenue generating machine.  This is one of your most valuable assets in your company very often underutilized and under performing.

So let’s get back to statistics and best practices to get a world-class performing email strategy.

Recently while browsing some contest software companies, I came across some great statistics posted by FishbowlPrizes.com.  The graphics below show you how powerful email can be in your business.

Think you’ll agree that when you follow some of these best practices, you will get a higher return on investment for your company.

email marketing roi

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Email Marketing Best Practices & Tips

  1. Use coupons or discount codes for your customers and prospects.  The 7 out of 10 statistic makes this a no-brainer to implement today for your email marketing strategies.
  2. Send out promotional emails on a weekly, monthly basis.
  3. Make your email marketing CORE to your business, invest in experienced talent or hire a consultant.
  4. Monitor and analyze your email marketing metrics so that you can benchmark and improve your stats.
  5. Optimize your email marketing campaigns for MOBILE!