Product Creation -1 Sitting, 1 Problem, 1 Solution

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Product Creation -1 Sitting, 1 Problem, 1 Solution

 The 3×1 Product Creation Formula

It’s incredibly simple – yet it has helped my company Rapid Crush, Inc. generate millions of dollars online. I still use it to this day. Here it is:

Product Creation “1 Sitting, 1 Problem, 1 Solution”

That’s it!
Simply put, in order to be done in 2 hours or less and have a potentially successful product on your hands, you have to create a product that provides ONE solution to ONE problem – and you have to write it in ONE sitting (2 hours, tops).
Thing is… Most people overcomplicate product creation to the point that they’re paralyzed with fear and can’t get started at all!
Product creation is NOT complicated, and it does NOT take a lot of time if you follow this simple formula.

Here’s an example. If you were to create a product on Internet marketing in general, it would have to be HUGE and you would probably have to spend months writing it. The problem is, it would also be very hard to sell – because people would assume (rightly so) that it’s too vague!

On the other hand, if you focus on ONE problem – for example, “how to build an email list using Pinterest”, you can find ONE solution and create the product in ONE sitting. And it would be a lot easier to sell, too – because it solves a specific problem!

This approach also helps you avoid one of the biggest mistakes marketers are making all the time: They create a solution and then try to find a market for it! That’s not how it works. Instead, find one problem, provide one solution, do that in one sitting and you’re set!

Creating one problem, one solution products is a lot more fun and a lot more profitable than writing huge reports on vague subjects and fluffing them up with WordPress screenshots. In fact… there’s a very good reason why I want you to take as little as 2 hours to create a product.

That forces you to be effective. And lets you avoid the mistakes most info product creators make.

If you only have 2 hours from start to finish, you’re NOT going to waste your time (or, even more importantly, your reader’s time) going through basics that could be found anywhere – and that probably most people know.
Instead, you’re only going to focus on giving them a specific, working solution to a specific, painful problem. And you don’t need more than 2 hours to do that!
Jason Fladlien from Product eClass Ultima

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